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Japanese influencer from

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〜 Powered by Blockchain 〜

PATRON is the sharing economy for influencers

Utilizing Blockchain Technology
PATRON will tokenize influencer social media (SNS) and connect brands with local influencers around the world

PATRON on the Web

url : To be updated
beta :

PATRON on the Blockchain

Coming Soon

What is PATRON?

Influencers and social media (SNS) users from around the world can publish, discover, reserve, or sell influencer data on PATRON’s trustless platform on both web and mobile. PATRON is a one stop shop for social media influencer focused brands and influencers themselves.

1 : Platform to drive the sharing economy of C2C / SNS media.
2 : M&A: Selling and acquiring influencers
3 : Monthly Subscription / Sharing of influencers (Exclusive Ambassador Contract)
4 : SNS All Live -Powered by Switchboard-
 SNS Media Sharing economy
 "PATRON" and live simultaneous distribution service (partnered with SWITCHBOARD LIVE)
5 : ICO・Crowdfunding system / Crowdfunding 2.0 (ICOs) specialized for influencers


To create next-generation services for influencers and provide a platform give equality to influencers, both globally famous and local.


We want to make a global impact on the level of Apple and Google and bring Japan’s thriving tech and influencer scene to new markets. Over the past four years we have worked with influencers and social media. We have the network built, the experience, and the technological expertise to make this dream a reality.

Achievements to Date

Here are a sample of ICOs we have worked with and supported in 2017:

Token/Method of Token Sale

Schedule Cap

12/25 - 1/31


2/14 - 2/28


3/1 - 3/31

Protocol ERC20
Minimum Contribution 0.1ETH / 0.01BTC etc
1PAT 14¢ - 50¢ (Us)


1. Product Development: "PATRON" mobile and DAPPS. Also, development cost of influencer complex platform, personnel expenses, resource acquisition, and advertising.

2. Global Expansion: Establishment of PATRON in Silicon Valley.

3. Toyo Influencer Hub: Office for influencers and for future influencers, marketers and engineers in Tokyo area of Japan. Equipped with a movie studio and work space.

Total amount of tokens issued/Allocation

Total tokens issued: 400,000,000 PAT  PRE ICO: 60,000,000 PAT
Token sales: 240,000,000 PAT  ICO: 36,000,000 PAT
Initial Influencer: 60,000,000 PAT     
PREMIUM SALE: 84,000,000 PAT     

Technical Data

Regarding to Cryptocurrency「PATRON COIN(PAT)」

PATRON is an open-source cryptocurrency, PATRON COIN(PAT).
PAT is the standard and common currency, used within PATRON’s ecosystem
PAT is implemented on the public Ethereum Blockchain, as an ERC-20 token.

Issuing of PAT

PATRON will distribute 240 million PAT within the ICO process out of the total supply of 400 million PAT.
160 million PAT is allocated to PATRON and is strategically used for distribution to board members, advisers and long-term development of PATRONs.
In an industry where the SNS marketing fee is 40%, introducing a smart contract technology produces the merit of eliminating brokerage fees, which will increase influencer’s income and decrease client payments.

・PAT as a contract transaction between host (influencer) and guest (contractor).
・PAT as a collaboration between host (influencer) and guest (influencer).
・PAT as an ambassador contract with an influencer.
・Acquisition, selling and trading of influencers using PAT.
・Influencer followers, fans can use PAT from PATRONs.
・Followers and fans vote for influencers using PAT.
・Influencers with more voting are displayed on the upper level.
・Fan voting is cleared when an appreciation fee is paid.
・Although the display rank drops when the contract occurs, if the fan vote increases, it goes to the upper level, and it gets easier to close the contract.

How to calculate appreciation

Influencer A;Contract: 6,000 PAT
In case; Fan 1:Vote10 PAT Fan 2:Vote 20 PAT Fan 3:Vote 30 PAT
Appreciation Fee for Contract Fee 6000PAT is PAT:5% → Total appreciation fee PAT300PAT
(1)÷(2)=5 → Appreciation fee per1PAT support is5PAT
Therefore, fan 1:5X10=50PAT, fan 2:5X20=100PAT, fan 3:5X150PAT


Official Ambassador

Japanese Entreprener
Tatsuki Nambara

Tatsuki Nambara Profile

Appeared in the TV program "Money no Tora", businessman boasts a high profile of 70% of japanese as "Reitetsuna Tora".

Due to the impact of the bankruptcy of MG Rover United Kingdom in March 2005,
it pays off a large amount of debt, and is revived splendidly.

He currently heads the Luft Holdings group and has a wide range of businesses,
including car rental,restaurants,medical and publishing.

Emergent Technology CTO
Sally Eaves

Sally Eaves Profile

Sally combines a depth of experience as a Chief Technology Officer, Practising Professor of Emergent Technology, Founder and Global Strategic Advisor, specialising in the application of disruptive technologies for business and societal benefit. She is an award-winning thought leader in innovation, digital transformation and technology, notably blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally is an accomplished author with regular contributions to leading business, technology and press publications including Forbes, The Times, CNN and CNBC, academic outlets and a new book ‘Edge of Disruption’. She is an international keynote speaker, MENA ambassador for blockchain events and a respected online influencer across multiple channels - consistently rated in the top 15 for blockchain and social media influence worldwide including 64K followers on Twitter.
Sally strongly believes in technology being an enabler for social good which is reflected in her positioning for the UK IT Woman of the Year Business Role Model Award 2018 alongside active roles as a global STEM ambassador, trustee and mentor. She has also founded Aspirational Futures which seeks to help guide, support and empower the next generation of technology talent.


Atsushi Hisatsumi

Atsushi Hisatsumi Profile

Leading man who advocates "influencers" in Japan.
Born: 1984.5.30th in Tokushima Prefecture
33 y/o Blood Type: AB
Belongs to the kindred clans of Nobuo Ogawa (Nobuo Hisatsumi), the founder of Nichia Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of LEDs. It designs, manufactures, and markets LEDs for display, LCD backlighting, automotive and general lighting applications with the many different LEDs across the entire visible spectrum.
His father is former manager of local newspaper company, and the vice chairman of NPO Japan-China friendship association.
One of the initial social media entrepreneurs. Debuted as a singer, became DJ and producer of dance unit.
(2013 as vocal artist "Eien no Kizuna (Eternal Ties). One of the 1st influencers in Japan.He is also the one of "the neo-hills family", millionaires in Japan who live in Roppongi hills.
EDM Unit MICRO CELEB became popular by Yahoo News. in Dec. 2014, succeeded an concert in Taiwan with all seats sold out just by the FACEBOOK advertisement.
in Oct. 2015, Atsushi's became a topic of 142 news in US including US Yahoo News, Reuter, Morning Star, and Market Watch, as "DJ who lives in Beverly Hills in Tokyo, Japanese Harris Hilton comes to US".
In Oct. 2016, the comic "Ushijima-kun" which featured the Neo-Hills Family got great hit and cinematized.
Feb. 2017, IT venture developing Software, EXTRAVAGANZA INTERNATIONAL, INC was founded (by Atsushi).
In Aug. 2017, became the business partner with crowd funding 2.0 KICKICO who develops world first Blockchain fund raising platform, for their Japan marketing.
EXTRAVAGANZA INTERNATIONAL contributed KICKICO to raise USD 21 Million in 19 hours and 31 million in 2 weeks.
October: as a Board member of the CLOU Network "Ripple founder" and "IOTA founder" is invited to in a 20-month advisory contract.
Pre Ico: 300 million JPY a procurement Ico: CLOUT Network aimed at raising funds around 5500000000 circle: 11 September: total amount of virtual currency exposure of about 10.4 Billion (ICO) to conduct "PUNDEX" by the offer and appointed to Advisor.
Social Media/Influencer/Affiliate/O2O
2. WEB service & App planning
3. Social Media running advertisement
Wikipedia :エクストラバガンザインターナショ ナルFounded March, 2017
Founder, CEO & CMO: Atsushi Hisatsumi
Activity:Software development & App development. [Patron, M&A Influencer, Fansta, Fankura] Marketing / Marketing Planning & Support
Main Client & Partners: KICKICO, SWITCHBOARD LIVE, Stripe, Inc., Cybird, Meigakukan Holdings
Member of: Passion Leaders, Japan Media Association, The Bridhe Japan, Atlas
Legal: GVA legal office Executive: Atsushi Hisatsumi (Founder, CEO and CMO)

Mutsumi Ishihara

Mutsumi Ishihara Profile

I participate in our business on-line by Tottori-ken residence.
A work life of part-time work fails in a business at 20 years old, and is saddled with debt, and starts.
It's affected at Mr. HORIEMON fact Horie Kibun, and though it's system inexperience, is united to a local system company.
I begin to come into action to make the localness fine by independence and the power of the IT in 2012.
"Because it's useful to a person." it's made work and the work to have an influence on the whole country and the world from localness is being done.
[Results in the past]
* A septic tank of a major company and customer management system development are built.
* Accounting connected system development of a major company and building
* Water supply management system development of a major company and building
* Car management system of a used car event
* Perl, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL Server, VB VBL, JAVA

Terry Shiraishi

Terry Shiraishi Profile

After passing through experience of a commercial director, he become a major advertising agency creative producer with foreign capital affiliate.

After that NBC Universal Japan holds a creative head. he holds in a manager position in major advertising agency from 2013 and participate in various advertisement communication activity as EXTRAVAGANZA INTL creator by present.

[Winning a prize reki]
NY FESTIVAL, ASIA PACIFIC advertisement prize (ADFEST), accumulator prize, Dentsu advertisement prize and PROMAX ASIA

Kosuke Takada

Kosuke Takada Profile

From Tochigi prefecture
Joined to EXTRAVAGANZA after experiencing sales experience with IT venture.
Currently, as a sales & PR manager, we support marketing of various companies both in Japan and overseas.

Project support
Kayo Sato

Kayo Sato Profile

WEB & graphic designer
Born in Niigata, Japan.
Mainly designing logos, web sites, etc.
In the design, I thought that there is "the ability to make a purpose"
Under the philosophy of "realizing the purpose of various people and companies through design," we are developing creative activities for a creative and prosperous future.

Satoshi Fukudome

Satoshi Fukudome Profile

[Brief summary of career]
March private Keio University department of commercial science graduation in 1999
2002 year October audit corporation toe pine entrance (Deloitte ToucheTohmatsu LLC) (present incorporated audit corporation toe pine)
In June, 2007 Audit corporation toe pine leaving.
July, 2007 Catalpa audit corporation entrance (KPMG AZSA LLC) (present incorporated catalpa audit corporation) June, 2010 Catalpa audit corporation leaving
(KPMG AZSA LLC) July, 2010 CPA licensed tax accountant State of Washington American CPA American licensed tax accountant Akira Fukutome office opening (Japanese CPA , Japanese CPTA and Washington State USCPA ,Enrolled Agent ,Satoshi Fukudome office) establishes Akira Fukutome international accounting advisory corporation in February, 2016

[qualification acquisition].
▪️ CPA (Japanese CPA) (registration number Register NO.20195)
▪️ The State of Washington license holder American official recognition bill (Washington State Board of Accountancy License Holder USCPA) (Registration number Register NO.28862)
▪️ Licensed tax accountant (Japanese Certified Public Tax Accountant)
(Registration number Register NO.116849)
▪️ American licensed tax accountant (Enrolled Agent)
(Registration number Register NO.113426)
▪️ English Welsh Imperial sanction State Board of Public Accountancy IAS official approval

▪️ Credit Suisse corporation of securities
The state of the corporate governance asked from a Japanese company now Additionally a study meeting lecturer takes charge of accounting for income taxes, a financial product and IFRS for an analyst, too. ▪️ A corporation Fujitsu marketing (A bill, taxation business and an audit take charge of a lecturer of a study meeting over the different contents.)
▪️ TAC Co., Ltd.
(1) Special seminar by a certified public accountant successful candidate of Japan and U.S.! -The secret of a pass! The one qualification utilized! About differentiation with a person-.
(2) Man of business seminar of an American CPA lecture
▪️ Corporation professional nexus
(1) Point of the worksheet making and the utilization which standardize accounting business
(2) Point on the practical business affair of the accounting for income taxes learned by a worksheet
The introduction which are explanation of a bill and a change point at issue of a tax matter (target: Major company) and our new service (high bill support service) in 2017 in March
▪️ The Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Can an investor see through bill injustice of an enterprise?

Sales Representative
Hideki Kimura

Hideki Kimura Profile

Born in Saitama, Japan.
Employment History:Three-Call Co., Ltd. / KDDI Co., Ltd.
My Goal is to constantly improve my sales skills, foster networking relationships and share my strategic sales and planning strategies

Position:Sales Representative
Duties:Increased sales volume by adding eight additional accounts in my area territory and built relationships with customers and the community to promote long term business growth
Personal Profile:Strategic account development /Enthusiastic about networking

advisory board

Keith Teare
Accelerated Digital Ventures/Executive Chairman, TechCrunch/Co-Founder

Keith Teare Profile

BIO: Keith Teare is a British born, Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He is currently Executive Chairman of Accelerated Digital Ventures - a $200m UK based Venture company. Previously he co-founded TechCrunch and also Europe's first Internet Service provider - EasyNet.

David A. Cohen
Hashgraph Advisor

David Cohen Profile

David A. Cohen is internationally renowned for his pioneering work in the Decentralized Software industry and recently in the Digital Currency and Blockchain industry. David was named as one of the Top 100 Movers and Shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech Media. David is working on next generation blockchain architectures such as Hashgraph, and is currently advisor to Hashgraph. He is also working with FarmaTrust, WePower,, and other blockchain companies. He is a former member of IOTA.
He was the founder and CEO of Infotility where he pioneered the“Grid Edge”unlocking multi-billion-dollar software markets and creating the industries first artificial intelligence-based software platform - GridAgents™.
David is a thought leader and has spoken at many venues such as MIT, TEDx, Consensus, Blockchain 100X and Singularity University. He is an expert on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Edge Computing.

Toni Lane Casserly

Toni Lane Casserly Profile

Toni Lane is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry who co-founded CoinTelegraph and the virtual blockchain nation movement. She has been affectionately entitled, “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” and “Young Star of Bitcoin” by her peers and various publications.

Miss Lane serves as an advisor to several notable companies, funds and family offices, including, but not limited to: SingularityU, Factom, The United Nations, Propy, HSBC, Cicso, P&G, Institute for the Future and St. Gallen Symposium.

In other worlds, Toni Lane is a recording artist and the founder of the “immaterialism” (post art) movement where she uses consciousness as a medium.

Sam Lee
Ethereum South China/Co-Founder

Sam Lee Profile

Samson Lee – Co-Founder of Ethereum south China and south Asia communities, Founder & CEO of CoinStreet, Founding Executive Chairman of China (Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau) Greater Bay Area TechFin Association, Co-founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Centre; Chief Crypto-economic Advisor of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, board advisor of, Asia President of Next.TV Inc. and Chairman of STM Digital Group.
Apart from being an experienced crypto-currency investor, Samson has over 20 years’ experience in TMET sector, with proven success in commercializing various digital services and e-business operations across in Asia, including the world’s first 4G premium VOD service in 2012 with China Mobile, first mobile e-wallet in 2003 with PCCW, first verified-by-VISA SMS payment service with VISA and Bank of China in 2002.

Yagub Rahimov

Yagub Rahimov Profile

Yagub Rahimov is the CEO and Co-founder of the 7marketz Inc. Group (, FintechEvents.Center, NewsOgram AI and GrowthChannel).
Yagub is one of the very few early Bitcoin and Blockchain adopters, investing since July 2009. He has been advising a select list of top quality ICOs, as well as investing in them.
Yagub has a vision that machine learning combined with the Blockchain technology will define the future of the FinTech ecosystem.

Strategic Advisor

Digital Marketing Advisor
Miles Stoll

Miles Stoll Profile

Digital marketing professional with vast experience, of which 4 years at Google. He has designed and overseen the execution of digital strategies for some of the largest companies in the world across Europe and North America. A pioneer in the crypto space, he has helped countless ICOs reach their funding goals.

Marketing Strategy Advisor
Manuel Salvaterra

Manuel Salvaterra Profile

Manuel has a vast experience in growing businesses online. His experience in Digital Marketing and Business Development, in both Europe and America, allow him to guide businesses to success from early on. His job is to consult companies on how to grow their sales and reach their marketing goals. Expertise: Business Development, E-commerce, Lead Generation, Strategy, Blockchain Marketing.


TIME Inc/PR Specialist
Jared Polites

Jared Polites Profile

Jared startedhis career at the FBI, where he was an Intelligence Analyst in the New York Field Office specializing in white collar investigations. After the FBI, he studied at Sciences Po in Paris, France, graduating with a Masters in Finance. For the past 4 years, Jared has worked in marketing for high-growth tech and blockchain startups, including one year for a leading Asian VC firm. His specialties are growth marketing, focusing on PR, product marketing, and executing go-to-market strategies for early-stage projects. In total, Jared has worked on teams and ICOs actively raising over $100 million. Jared resides in NYC and also holds a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Business Ambassador
Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe Profile

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world.
As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.

A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of companies.
Ian’s overall mission is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities across the world.

Ian now focuses on the Blockchain industry and offers advice, consulting services and connections to Blockchain experts. Most recently Ian has founded ‘Binkplus’, a startup incubator in Europe.

Ian Scarffe has outstanding entrepreneurial skills and commercial acumen with innovation and motivation. With the capacity to work at strategic levels, Ian possess exceptional interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills.

A passion for customer service, wealth of knowledge and vast amounts of hands on experience in almost every role, means Ian has valuable insight into millions of customers, proving him to be a valuable asset to companies across the globe.

Former Ethereum/White Hacker
Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez Profile

Ethical hacker since childhood, security expert, blockchain developer and project manager. Jorge Rodriguez is passionate about technology which is considered one of the greatest security experts in the world of CryptoCurrencies.
Behind him brings 5 projects made and one of which was the famous Ethereum in which he dedicated to report bugs and security errors altruistically to help the community.

Exchange Bit station CEO
Syunji Toda

Syunji Toda Profile


Yasuo Tanaka

Yasuo Tanaka Profile

A 42 years old of Osaka hometown
I participate in finance business from 20 years old. I start new business by 26 years old and start a communication company after it.
I manage a company of an enterprise investigation at present and advise on judicial affairs and an internal control by EXTRAVAGANZA.

Executive Director, Universal CLC
Prashant Pandit

Prashant Pandit Profile

Investment banker with 25 years of experience and crypto/blockchain visionary. Prashant has been investing and connecting investors to ICOs and startups. He is also an active speaker in leading conferences and expos.

Investment Adviser-Atlantis Business Consultants
Arun Luthra

Arun Luthra Profile

Arun Luthra is a Indian born, Mumbai based entrepreneur. He is currently Director Atlantis Business Consultants consulting business for Banking finance & PE investments & ICO investment adviser along with Properties in the Indian Commercial Capital Hub Mumbai

ICO Marketing Expert
George Bell

George Bell Profile

George is the founder of one the top 5 Agenices in the crypto space - Crynet and has major experience in working with more than 20 ICOs.
As a team member he helped close LAToken 20mln$ and Swissborg 50mln$ crowdsales.
With a background in Digital Advertising and startups he brings in an expert view of the ICO market.

Co-Founder and CMO at 7marketz Inc Group
Maryna Burushkina

Maryna Burushkina Profile

Maryna Burushkina is a digital marketing expert and a Co-founder of 7marketz Inc Group. Maryna has over 9 years of experience in working with multinational tech companies and ICOs, focusing majorly on customer lifecycle management and conversion optimisation. Maryna is also the founder Growth Channel, marketing app based on machine learning.



marketing partners

Partner or Clients

ICO rating

White paper


MESSAGE FROM the founder

An influencer refers to a person who has a very strong influence in the social media space, including Youtubers, bloggers, and Instagramers.

Since 2010, I have been promoting influencer marketing in Japan, earlier than anyone else. As an influencer, I have worked tirelessly to spread the existence and influence of influencer marketing as a viable business model for brands and creatives. This has giving me and my team the ability to attract and broker influencers in a win-win situation.

In addition to that, we are currently accumulating "the ability to create better products".

I will be the only Japanese entrepreneur admitted by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of the same age as mine.

By developing and implementing influencer sharing economies and services using blockchain technology, influencers from all over the world, including influencers in Japan, will be gathered on the platform and recruited.

Our sights are set globally and we are looking to have a global impact. We want to bring equality to influencers, especially the ones struggling to break out of a local market.

If you have an Internet connection, smartphone, or social media, we want you to have a platform you can trust and utilize to share your creative perspective.

Through PATRON, we are happy if we can give away love, courage and excitement to youth around the world.

Atsushi Hisatsumi

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